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Tuesday 14th April
Assembly – Tennis Fever - Krissy
Monday 27th April
Cranleigh Lawn Tennis Club
9.15 am – assembly Grant - Nathalie
9.45 am Farah Class
10.15 am Luther King Class
10.45 am Mozart Class
11.15 am Rowling Class
11.45 am Glennie Class
Monday 11th May
Singlegate v William Morris
The Federated Wimbledon Tennis Championship
at William Morris Years 3-6

Michael did a fab tennis workshop with us and we learnt a lot from him. I liked practising. I was lucky enough to love everything. Thanks Michael!


I enjoyed everything. I liked our warm up game. I learnt a new game and Michael taught us lots of facts about Tennis.


I liked the part when we learnt to hit the ball over and out. I actually disliked nothing and learnt a special throw called a serve. It was really fab!


At tennis I really enjoyed it because I had to learn the basics to do it and my favourite was passing the ball because it was really challenging. It was so good I can’t think of enough adjectives.


I learned how to balance a ball on a tennis racket.


Tennis was brilliant. I liked the bit were we had to bounce the ball ten times on the racket without it falling off. I was really good at it.


Not only did we play games that were fun and exciting, we also played a mini tennis rally against our partners.


I enjoyed our tennis workshop today because we worked in pairs with our friends. I liked the bit when we practised our forehand and backhand swings. I also liked it when Grant showed us tricks with the tennis racket.


Today we had a Tennis workshop and we practised our forehand and backhand. Grant was really fun, he told us about forehand, volley and back hand. We also played game balancing the ball on the racket and Tommy and Armandas won.


Because my favourite sport is tennis, I enjoyed the workshop today. My favourite part was when we played knee tag and the game when you have to do tricks when balancing the ball. The man was called Grant.


At the start of the session we had to jog around and do different exercises at corners while we ran. While we ran it was fun because we got to arm up using fun exercises before the next session. During the session we got put into groups of six with a tennis ball and racket each. We had to run in and out of the cones then take turns bouncing the ball on the racket. Towards the end of the session, we had to throw the ball for the other person to hit while the ball person caught it. We took turns and it was fun!


During the session we raced each other on different coloured teams such as red, yellow and blue. We first just raced then we used tennis balls on a racket. My favourite part was running bcause it was fun and I had fun balancing the ball on the racket. I was surprisingly good at it too


On Monday we had a brilliant tennis workshop! A professional tennis player came to assist us in our learning. He started tennis at the age of 8 and his dad was a tennis coach, so it wasn’t hard to get into tennis. He has even won a few tournaments. His goal is to become a higher level professional. Firstly, we did some exercises and warm ups. Secondly, we did some tricks and luckily we did some free run. I enjoyed free run the most. Overall I enjoyed having him.


On Monday 20th there was a tennis assembly workshop. The workshop was outside on the football pitch. First we did some races in groups. Also I fell down, but I still carried on. Then we went in pairs we were throwing and batting