The Lunchtime - William Morris

This term will see the launch of the new weekly playground initiative P.A.L.S (Playground Activities Leaders) at lunchtime. This is an introduction into leadership, giving children knowledge of how to organise and lead small games and activities for their peers.


There are opportunities for the young playground leaders to:

  • Develop leadership skills such as – organisation, communication and teamwork
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Be responsible for leading their peers and groups of younger children
  • Increase the variety of play experiences available for the children promoting physical, social and creative opportunities
  • Improve children’s choices and positive behaviours on the playground
  • Reflect and evaluate what is working and areas for further development

The initiative will continue to build upon and develop the play zones that were established in 2017. Resources have been purchased and members of staff identified to target play outside to include games and puzzles, arts and crafts in the Crusoe Cabin and more active play like skipping. We will introduce a craze of the week on Monday which will also be supported by the P.A.L.S team so children can improve their skills throughout the week. This could involve skipping games, cat’s cradle, dance and clapping games. We continue to review and reflect upon how successful playtimes are outside and the positive experiences that they bring for all children.

A P.A.L.S job description and application form was circulated to the children in Year Six in the Spring term for those interested in being involved in the leadership role. The successful candidates have recently met with Mrs van Manen to talk about what the role would include and the expectations of them moving forward. The children are incredibly excited and have lots of ideas of the different ways that they want to engage children in positive play.

Congratulations to our new P.A.L.S for 2019.

In the front from left to right: Tanzeela, Ibrahim, Patrycja, Aiza and Sara.

At the back from left to right: Eliziere, Nikola, Aimee, Vinny and Maisy.

The PALs will organise weekly activities that will target the interests of all of our children from Years One to Six. The children will keep a record book that will include information on such things as: a log of the games they have played; identify the games that certain classes enjoyed; how many children took part in the games; how active the games were; names of children or classes who played well together; list of equipment that was lost or needs replacing and more in order to evaluate the success of their support.

Our Midday Supervisory Team

We have a dedicated team of experienced Midday Supervisors on the team at William Morris Primary School, many of whom have worked with us for a number of years now and are committed to supporting the lunchtime experience.

We have four Midday Supervisors on the team at William Morris Primary School. They play a major role in caring for our children during the lunchtime period. They have a positive and significant impact on our children's social learning and self-confidence. Our Midday Supervisors understand that children learn just as much at playtime as they do during lessons and therefore actively engage in play and conversation with the children, encouraging children's own games, rather than just supervising them.

The Midday Supervisors look for and reward good behaviour and are aware that different children have different needs. All the Midday Supervisors have good relationships with the children which helps to ensure that lunchtimes are an enjoyable and exciting time of the day! A positive and healthy attitude to food and eating are encouraged every meal time.

We stagger our lunch play to make sure all children get an equal amount of playtime and the playground is not overcrowded. These are the timings for this academic year.

Children’s lunchtime timetable

Class Time
HAMILTON11.30 - 12.30
BECKHAM11:30 – 12:30
ARMSTRONG11:45 – 12:30
KINGSLEY11:50 – 12:30
MOZART12:00 – 12:45
POTTER12:15 – 13:00
FARAH12:20 – 13:05
LUTHER KING12:25 – 13:10
ROWLING12:30 – 13:20
PRESLEY12:35 – 13:20
ATTENBOROUGH12:40 – 13:25
MONET12:45 – 13:25
GATES12:50 – 13:35
GLENNIE12:50 – 13:25

Hot meals every day

Hot meals are provided for the children every day in school. They are charged at £2.05. Our catering company is CHARTWELLS.

For more than a quarter of a century, Chartwells have focused on helping young people build strong bodies, sharp minds and to lead long, healthy lives. To Eat, Learn and Live. Chartwells dishes up great tasting, fun and nutritious meals to schools, academies, colleges and universities, and provides all of the support services – from facilities management to cleaning – to help fuel inquisitive minds. Food for thought!

We’re giving children all the get up and go they need with our tasty food and unrivalled approach to school meals. As well as providing thousands of meals daily to children across the country, we run activities and workshops to encourage healthy eating and inspire good, lifelong habits.

We don’t just want children to eat our food... we want them to LOVE it. We wholeheartedly believe that lunchtime should be a fun part of the day, jam-packed with lots of different, flavoursome and healthy food.

We want to set young people up for their day, and for a lifetime of good eating habits. Ensuring every child has the same opportunity to develop and make a positive contribution at school, by having access to fresh, healthy and great tasting meals. Our nutritionists and chefs go to great lengths to create food that looks good, tells a story and is in tune with the latest trends – because that’s the food children tell us they want. In their words: food that’s “tasty, lovely and delicious”. And we serve it in fun and innovative spaces that are as inspiring as the classroom.

There is a tri-weekly menu cycle where you can monitor what your child is eating in school.

Dietary requirements and allergens:

Individual menus are devised for those children with particular allergies or dietary requirements. Please note, it is extremely important that you inform Chartwells of any allergies/intolerances that your child has should they currently eat with Chartwells, or wish to start eating with Chartwells. We welcome all children with allergies/intolerances and providing we deem it safe to do so, an appropriate meal can be provided daily in line with our internal policies and procedures. Please speak with the office if your child has an allergy to request a special diet form to be completed and returned. Please return all forms to us, along with medical evidence, two photographs and details of the school that your child attends to Michelle Pike (