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I really enjoyed collecting the golf balls to help out my team. I also had my own go at the end but unfortunately I did not score and Shaona won! I still really enjoyed myself.

Milly - Year 4

I put my thumbs up for golf. I am happy.


Golf is nice because it's fun and it's a sport and sport is fun. Fun is nice.


I liked it when I was standing in the safety square.


Brian taught us how to stand on our feet. It was sooo much fun. I like the colours of the clubs.


I like to play golf on a sunny day.


It was nice to play golf because I have never done it before. I learnt how to hold the stick with one hand up on the stick and one hand down low on the stick.


Golf was exciting because I hadn't done it before and I got to play where the big children play.


I like golf. I played it on holiday before. I have learnt how to play golf properly.


I really liked playing golf with James as it was really fun. When we learnt how to use the golf club it was really difficult as you had to think about a lot of things.

Katie - Year 4

I really liked capturing the golf balls for my team. Each time did really well and we all got down to 1 cone. I learnt that to get the perfect shot you need to think about where your feet are facing, where your head is and how hard you swing.

Emily - Year 4

I like golf because the ball run away from you and you have to catch the ball.


I like playing golf because I like scoring points.


Brian taught us to play golf with the chipping club and the putting club to hit the ball.


I hit the ball in the hoop.


Golf is fun, but it is hard! The first 2 times I couldn’t do it, but the last time I did it!


Golf was amazing because I hit a cone with the ball and I got to take a cone for hitting it. On the first try I hit the ball as far as I could!


Golf was good!