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Football was fun because the Singlegate children were very good at football. I did not look happy in the photo although I was very happy and proud of Singlegate. Well done Singlegate. I accept defeat. Thank you Singlegate for having us. We are united!


Everyone was trying their hardest but it was very hard to grip to the floor. Some of the Singlegate had metallic studs. But at least we had fun playing against them. Whenever we put our foot on the ground, there was mud!


Yesterday I had the best time and funniest time ever! When we were playing the match, there was mud everywhere so everyone kept slipping over! I slipped only once and the ending score was 7-0. But we all did very well

Louis R

I liked it when Steve said "Don't worry about making mistakes. We all make mistakes."


I liked it when Steve showed us the medals.


I liked it when Steve showed us how to be a referee.


I was going to cry when he said he was going to give us a football bag.


Yesterday at football we played against Singlegate and we lost. Singlegate did play well however the pitch was slippery and some of the players had studs and we did not. I didn’t mind not winning because it was a fun day.


Great, muddy, disappointing! That is how I would describe the setting and how it was yesterday. Even though we lost the match, we all had good fun playing against the Singlegate team. We tried but we didn’t win. I didn’t mind because it was fun. It was a good match!


Yesterday was fun even though we didn’t score but everybody had a go and we were all proud of ourselves and Singlegate shook hands with us.


I liked it when Steve was showing us signs. I liked it when Ash was showing us tricks.

Ali Asgher

I liked it when Steve showed us his medal because it was really shiny.


I liked it when Ash showed us the tricks.

Angel K

Amazing! Being with a world record holder (Ash Randadll) was a blast! I learnt so many tricks but I didn't do well on all. My favourite was trying to balance the ball on my neck. I hope to do it again some day.

Kai - Year 6

Oustanding! Amazing! Wonderful! These are the only words I can use to describe my wonderful experience with 15 x world record holder Ash. We learnt so many amazing tricks such as balancing a ball on our necks and trying to hold a ball inbetween our legs. I recommend this to everyone!

Alfie - Year 6

I’m amazed and speechless about today’s workshop!!! I enjoyed the workshop because we had multiple world record holder (Ash Randadll) who also taught us some tricks. My favourite trick was when he showed us how to balance a ball on and balance our balls on our necks!

Ellies - Year 6

AMAZING! It was the greatest day of the year. I tried my hardest and guess what? I got all of the tricks! They were quite hard but one of them stood out. You had to sit with your legs straight and then flick it up onto your head then header it back and catch it inbetween you again. Currently, he is holding 15 world records!

Ilyas - Year 6

Today was epic! Ash Randall came in to do a workshop with us. He is a professional freestyle footballer and has 13 Guinness records. Ash has done this for 8 years. I learned some amazing tricks and how to balance the ball on my neck. I would have liked to have learnt how to spin the ball on my finger!

Meshal Year 5

Today was some footie-awesome day! A super freestyler in football named Ash Randall came to our school to show us some cool and groovy moves. He was from Cardiff. He holds 13 Guinness world records. We did some fun tricks such as balancing the ball on our necks and much more. It was fun. Thank you Ash!

Hamzah Year 5

Today Barbican Class had an awesome Football workshop with a man named Ash Randall. Clearly he has been practicing for a while because he is a genius. He taught us some great tricks! I got the hang of some of them. Then we had a race which I wasn’t so fond of. We had to run with a ball between our legs. The tricks were my favourite, we had a great time!

Josie Year 5

Today was fantastic! We had a football freestyler named Ash Randall. He has 13 Guinness world records. Ash taught us so many tricks and skills. He started playing football at the age of 16 and has been doing this for 8 years. I love this workshop! I LOVE FOOTBALL!!

Ayat Year 5

Unbelievable! Today was the most funny and fun days of my life! I tried to do all of the tricks Ash, who holds 15 world records, taught us. One of the most difficult tricks was balancing a ball on my neck and I was amazed that I could hold it for at least 10 seconds. At the end of the session we played a fun game and Miss Gurney and Miss Kent had a race! I really enjoyed my time and will practise at home!

Sunmi I - Year 6

Amazing! That is how I could describe this workshop. I loved it; it was so much fun! Ash Randadall the world record holder is the first famous footballer I’ve ever met. It was very fun and challenging, even Miss Kent and Miss Gurney loved it!

Ria - Year 6

Epic! This is how I would describe today’s workshop! We had a world record holder come in to teach us how to do some football tricks. His name was Ash Randadall and he has won 15 world records! The football tricks required a lot of concentration and skill so they were really hard. I enjoyed learning how to roll a ball across our arms without dropping it because it was real;ly fun. I really enjoyed today’s workshop and would love to do it again.

Nasscine - Year 6

Today was absolutely brilliant! Our football workshop teacher was Ash Randall. He is a professional freestyler and he started when he was 16. He is now 24. Today we learnt new tricks that included the Rocket Launcher, balancing the ball and bouncing.

Riya Year 5

Today we had a workshop with Ash Randall who is a freestyler in football. He taught us so many tricks and gave us challenges. At the end we had a race to see which team won. Ash is 24 years old and has been playing football for 8 years.

Daniel Year 5

I absolutely loved doing the Football workshop. My favourite sport is football which meant it was my lucky day! We did lots of tricks and Ash taught us to balance a ball on our bodies. He is from Cardiff and is a freestyler footballer. I had the best time ever and hope we do it again!

Veer Year 5