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In the Charleston session we had lots of fun! We had a competition like Strictly Come Dancing. Group 1 had to dance and then groups 2 and 3. I was in group two and my partner was Ismael. He was funny when we were dancing. A Charleston is a dance where you swing your arms and your right leg goes up and then your left leg goes up and then you go back again. First you go slow and next, if you are confident, you can do it fast./p>

Shivani, Farah class

On Monday we had a dance session with Debra and Jenny. They taught us that the Charleston started in the early 1920’s. We learnt some Charleston dance moves. I really found it fun because I love to dance. We also had to choose a dance partner and in the dance I had to fall back and they caught me.

Paulina, Farah class

Our Charleston dance was amazing! Debra and Jenny taught us how to do a famous dance from the early 1920’s. I enjoyed the tricky part because we all had to try. The people who dance the Charleston have dazzling dresses for the women and smart suits for the men. I loved performing to the rest of the class.

Manan, Farah class

When we did the Charleston workshop it was lots of fun but I was really nervous. We were put in groups and we had to show the other groups our routine to see who was the Charleston Champion. People found it hard but we all laughed. I was fun and scary when we had to drop back into our partner’s arms.

Jaden, Farah class