The Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Hart - Associate Headteacher

Mr Bostock- Associate Headteacher

Miss Bloxome - Acting Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Pitt - Foundation Stage Leader/Assistant Headteacher

Miss Taylor - Singlegate Assistant Headteacher Inclusion Leader

Mrs Inglis - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Wozniak - Year 1 Phase Leader

Mrs Newman - Year 2 Phase Leader

Mrs Bull - Executive Headteacher

Our Federated Vision

  • Thirst for knowledge and learning

  • A developing unique collaborative partnership

  • Improving learning opportunities and standards

  • Establishing a cohesive community

  • Celebrating partnership successes

  • A sense of "sharing" and "shaping" our OUTSTANDING vision

Mrs van Manen - Associate Headteacher

Miss Masters - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Smith - Foundation Stage Leader/Assistant Headteacher

Miss Holliday - Lower Key Stage 2 Leader

Miss Thomas - Upper Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs Hickman - Special Educational Needs Leader