The grand opening of the jungle book themed library

Friday 24th November 2017

Dress up

Please come to school wearing your pyjamas or even a nightie. Please do bring your slippers to change into if desired.

From the children (pre-opening expectation)-deadline for the photo Monday 20th November

Each child will also be asked to bring a photo of themselves reading a book in a very strange place e.g. under the bed, up a tree, in the bath etc. Families may email their photo to if they do not have a printer and Lisa will print for you to have. Please give Nathalie your five best photos which will be displayed for all to see inside the library with the rest being displayed on a dedicated Jungle Book themed display board in your classroom.

What would we like from the children?

Each child and member of staff must bring their favourite book to school and a book to donate to the library that would be suitable for children between the ages of 3-11. Each book donated will have the child’s name who donated the book inside it and each child will receive a Jungle Book themed gift consisting of a pencil, jungle sweets, and a themed badge. The favourite book brought from home will be used for a writing activity. Each child in Key Stage 1 and 2 will need to advertise their book in no more than 20 words. The Foundation Stage children will write one sentence/word to describe why it is their favourite book. All comments will be included on a book template that will be pegged onto a washing line that will hang through the Key Stage 1 and 2 corridors for anyone to read and enjoy. I would also like the focus for this activity to be ‘cursive handwriting’.

A Rumble In The Jungle

The staff and children will enjoy a tea party together with tea party food provided predominantly by Rachel. Rachel will make: cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, scones, cup cakes, fruit kebabs and she will provide some cheddars. We would like the children to make throughout the course of the week some jungle jam tarts to bring to the Rumble In The Jungle to share with their friends. The lunch hall will be themed to support the Jungle Book theme. Children will not need to bring any food to school on this special day.

Launch assembly

Year’s 3-6 launch assembly and a Foundation Stage – Year 2 launch assembly:

  • 9.00 am – Years 3-6 launch assembly – Nathalie, Jeanette
  • 9.45 am – Year 1 and Year 2 launch assembly – Helen and Catherine

Storyteller workshops-Rosie

Rosie Hudson ( shares her passion for crafting and discovering stories and facilitates new and exciting ways to connect with your imagination and play with the possibilities. Devising and delivering workshops, events and performances to inspire and showcase the power of stories. Creating powerful creative experiences for people of all ages, championing imagination and creativity in all its forms. Rosie Hudson will be tailoring her storytelling to The Jungle Book.

Jungle Movement and Music workshops-Jessica

Jessica Kingsley – writer, performer and storyteller with the production company Magical Quests, will be devising and delivering workshops for our children based around music, movement and dance, focusing on themes and inspiration from The Jungle Book. All sessions will take place in the two After School Club rooms with two performers leading simultaneous workshops.

Evidence of our wonderful day

Your Grand Opening Of The Jungle Book Library evidence book will be prepared for you. Please think about a variety of ways to evidence the learning from photographs, quotes, blogs, recounts etc. You will need to include a contents page that includes the following:

  1. Reading In Extreme Places
  2. My Favourite Book and Why
  3. Our Donations
  4. Pyjama Day
  5. Wonderful Jungle Tales
  6. The Rumble In The Jungle Tea Party
  7. Reading Is To The Mind What Exercise Is To The Body (additional reading activities)

These books will be displayed in our library for all to enjoy.

‘The more that you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go’.