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Yesterday Monet Class had a trip to Chelski. We left at 9.00 am and travelled on a train to the venue by London Overground. We were so lucky to get the opportunity to climb and ski. We skied on a simulator which was great fun. I had difficulty climbing the obstacles that test your agility but I recommend it to anyone who wants to test their strength!

Paulina, Monet

On the 7th December Monet class went to Che-ski and clip and climb. We got the chance to improve our skiing and climbing skills. I went skiing first and had to put on a special helmet and shoes with skies. I had to hold onto a bar and learned how to ski without falling over. Halfway we swapped and then I had to put on a harness to protect us as we climbed the walls with obscures on. When we got to the top we had to press a buzzer. It was a brilliant day.

Hussain, Monet