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Tuesday 14th April
Assembly – Tennis Fever - Nathalie
Welcome Marshall Tutu-GB tennis player
10.00 am Piccadilly Class
10.30 am Westminster Class
11.00 am Knightsbridge Class
11.30 am Victoria Class
Monday 20th April
Assembly - Cranleigh Lawn Tennis Club - Nathalie
9.45 am Knightsbridge Class
10.15 am Wimbledon Class
10.45 am Victoria Class
11.15 am Southwark Class
Monday 27th April
Marc Beckles – Wilton Tennis Club
9.15 am – assembly Marc and Gemma
9.45 am Barbican Class
10.15 am Southwark Class
10.45 am Westminster Class
11.15 am Wimbledon Class
11.45 am Monument Class
Monday 11th May
Singlegate v William Morris
The Federated Wimbledon Tennis Championship
at William Morris Years 3-6

In assembly, I learnt new vocabulary of tennis such as love, deuce and ad. In the workshop Marc and Stephen demonstrated the correct position of backhand and forehand, which was new.


How to serve and other amazing things. How to stay in a position can be difficult.


I learnt new things like what 0-3 points are called and how long was the longest match. During the workshop I learnt how to do a forehand and backhand. I already knew how to do it but I understood it more and now I can do it! I also learnt the position you would start off with. It was SO fun! /p>


I enjoyed when we had the collectors and we had the hitters. The hitters hit the ball and the collectors collected it I learned the forehand and backhand.


We jogged around to warm up, then we practised bouncing the ball with the tennis racquet and later we did a rally. I improved my serve.


We practised the different steps and shots and I got better at my forehand shot. We worked together as a team and it helped me improve my hand-eye co-ordination.


I enjoyed playing a game where you had to try and tap your partner's knee because it was fun and tricky!


I like it when we played the 'dog' game and the adults had to try and take our dog (tennis ball) away because it was exciting.


I enjoyed when we played 'goalies' and our partner had to try and use the racket to score a goal. It was really fun but Alexander beat me 3-1.


I liked spinning the ball around the tennis racket and balancing it but it was a little bit hard and I kept dropping the ball. It was funny when the ball kept falling off! I learnt to balance the ball on the racket and pass it to my partner


The tennis workshop was 10/10. I enjoyed aiming the ball at my partner because it was funny when the ball didn't go where I wanted it to. It was harder than it looked, he made it look easy. I also liked balancing the ball because it was hard to keep it on the racket and you had to move really slow to control the ball. I learnt to move and balance the ball on the racket. I also learnt to aim the ball at my partner. I wish we had longer to learn more skills when hitting the ball.


I would give the tennis workshop a 7/10. I liked having to balance the tennis ball on the racket face because it was a challenge and was hard to control and move the ball without it falling off. I also liked aiming the ball at my partner when playing the bounce and pass game but this was hard and we kept hitting the ball too far and we were running after it. I wish we had more time and could learn to pass the balls over the tennis nets. That's way I gave it a 7, I thought we were going to learnt to hit the ball over the net and learn the different serve moves but we didn't.


We did backhand, forehand also the ready position. It was really fun. We did it with Marc and Stephen. Sometimes we hit or miss the ball.


I enjoyed dodgeball. I liked hitting the ball and collecting it. I learned the pose when you get ready. Stephen was helping Marc. It would be even better if there was more dodgeball.


I learnt about hand-eye co-ordination, and I improved my forehand and backhand shots.