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Today I enjoyed the running workshop. The games were fun and it was hard. It got trickier and trickier.


We were doing a game, it was the red light, green light and orange light. The man told us he will shout a number.


We played a game called traffic lights and he showed us how to run fast.


I enjoyed it very much because we played traffic lights. It was very challenging but fun. I played the game in the playground at break time afterwards because it was so fun!


I enjoyed the workshop because we got to have fun and played racing games in teams.


This was the best PT session. I enjoyed the games because they were fun. I learnt that it’s very important to run properly.


Piccadilly and other classes had a running workshop with Mr Killip (William Morris Year 3 teacher) and met Chris who completed a ultra-marathon. Mt favourite part was the game of foxes and rabbits because I was chosen as the fox. I learnt the word plyometrics which means bouncing. I was also surprised that we only need 7 minutes of exercise each day, as long as it’s really hard!


I learnt how to run really fast and I got even faster in the workshop


I learnt that there is a special position that you can get into at the start of a race which helps you to get going quicker.


I really enjoyed running as a group and playing the game that we had to go into groups although I kept on not having a group.


Today we did a very tiring running workshop. Even though it was exhausting, it was very fun as we played lots of great, tense games and we didn’t even realise we were improving our running. I loved it!


Today’s workshop was excellent because I was very tired afterwards.


I enjoyed the game which was the red, green and orange. Also I moved when he said red.


I liked the game because it was challenging. I didn’t like the race.


It was really fun playing traffic lights so we played it in the playground. I also enjoyed sprinting.


I liked the running races and it was challenging for me to run backwards.

Maria K

I enjoyed doing different types of running like floppy feet and thought it was funny when we lay down in a T shape. I liked the stretches because it was good for my body.


We did lots of types of running such as, being light on out feet and jumping with our feet stuck together to build up strength in our legs and core. My favourite part of the workshop was when we were playing foxes and rabbits, because me and Zain were picked as the foxes. I learnt that you can’t just run a marathon, you have to train.


On Monday we met Mr Killip and Chris. It was so so fun because we were learning about running. I learnt that your thigh is the strongest and most powerful part of your leg because it is so big.


I really enjoyed meeting Dannish and I learnt that it is really important to take part in the race, it doesn't matter if you don't win