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I really enjoyed learning to play golf. I didn't hit any of the balls into the targets but it was still fun. I liked cheering for my team to get points and I learnt how to stand and hold the club.


The golf workshop was so fun because I have never played golf before. It was really hard to get the ball into the targets and it was fun trying. I learnt the clubs were called the putter and the chipper. It would have been even better if we had longer or we went to a real golf course.


I enjoyed doing golf a lot and i like the workshop because our tutor, James was really fun. We had a game, which was half bowling and half golf, as we hit a ball with a golf club and tried to knock down as many cones or skittles as we could like we do in bowling. Out team, which was purple, won. We had five points, orange had the same. Overall I really enjoyed it and if I was rating it, it would be 10/10.

Nija - Barbican

Today we had a golf workshop and it was amazingly fun. Our leader’s name was James and he is from Central London Golf Centre. We practice our accuracy skills. Then we played golf bowling and my team won (we were purple and won by two points)! I really hope we do it again because I love it. Now I will probably go to the Central London Golf Centre.

Dominic - Barbican

I couldn’t have believed my luck! We had a damp but fun workshop with James from Central London Golf Centre. It started to rain heavily but I didn’t mind. We played golf bowling, a simple and fun game where we used a golf club and ball and hit skittles (cones). Eventually it was time to go in. We thanked James and plodded to out cosy cabin. I found this one of our best workshops ever because I had fun!

Malvika  - Barbican

Today was epic! James, from Central London Golf Centre, cam and showed us some terrific skills. We learnt how to putt! Unfortunately, it started to rain but we still carried on. We played golf bowling. There were three teams: purple, orange and blue. The purple team won with 5 points and the blue and orange team drew with 3 points. I am so tired after that amazing workshop. Thank you James!

Hamzah - Barbican

I absolutely loved the workshop!!! It was so fun we learned how to play bowling golf. I loved it and I want to take it up. It is very fun and I think there should be a golf club. Golf is awesome. I think more people should do it and one of those people will be me some day.

William - Barbican

It was so fun I loved it! I have never played golf before and I had to concentrate lots because I wanted to get it to touch the cone. It's really hard. I learnt how to hold the club and how to stand. I wish we had longer to play more or if Rory Mcilroy taught us to play.


I enjoyed it because I scored 10 points and hit the ball on the target. I kept hitting it and it didn't go far enough, I wanted to play for longer. I learnt the clubs are called the chipper and putter and you have to hold the club with two hands.