Nursery and Reception - The Foundation Stage

In our Foundation Stage unit, you will find an "Outstanding", inspiring and progressive indoor and outdoor setting that meets the needs of all children between the ages of three to five. With the support and encouragement of a enthusiastic team, children learn in a happy, safe, caring and fun environment.

The Foundation stage unit, including both Nursery and Reception, aims to continue to be a "model of excellence", where all our children have access to fun discovery resources that encourages them to engage happily in their independent learning. We also aspire to provide a stimulating and appealing approach to our working areas that at all times generates an interest and enthusiasm to learn.

Children"s ability to have a go, to take risks and display confidence are encouraged by our excellent and well qualified team. We have adopted a key worker system and we strive to ensure that the children receive the care and the support they need to help them develop and progress in their learning.