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I loved football and learning tricks with Ash. He has 14 world record which is very impressive.


Ash came to and he showed the school some tricks. I enjoyed balancing the ball on my head. It was challenging for me to do this.

Maria K

Ash showed us awesome skills of football and I loved it.


Today we had a special assembly we had a freestyler that came in, his name was Ash Randall. We has a football workshop with him where he showed us what to do with the football. It was hard but I still enjoyed it, it was clever what he did. My favourite was the head football balance. We ended the workshop with a race. In the assembly Miss Abrook did the Chase Quiz, two children and Miss Simon and Miss Anderson competed against each other. The teacher’s won, it was amazing how they won!

Natasha M, Westminster

Today we (Westminster class) had a young man, a football freestyler named Ash Randall, come in and show us a couple of tricks. He showed us how to do a Rocket Launcher, balance a football on our necks and catch the ball between our legs. After that we played a race game. We had to run with the ball between our legs. I think it was fantastic but I wish it had been for longer!

Samuel A, Westminster

Everybody in assembly was really excited as they filed into our special Monday assembly. A Football Freestyler (Ash Randall) came to teach four classes some of his skills. He demonstrated some as well. His favourite trick was when he bounced a ball on his head. Now this may not sound very exciting, but then he began to skip whilst balancing the ball on his head. Apparently he broke the world record for doing this. In the workshop we learnt football tricks. There was one trick where you had to drop your football on the ground and bounce it with your knee. It was really fun (if a little frustrating) and I’m glad we did it.

Melody Rose, Westminster

I enjoyed playing football and passing the ball.


I really liked PT today! First we did some jogging, then some stretching and then some football drills.


I was really excited when we were doing football because I really like playing football. We did dribbling and passing.


I enjoyed dribbling the ball around the 4 cones. I loved the warm up and the exercises and the stretches. I enjoyed doing everything.