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I enjoyed learning the tendu move although it was very challenging when we had to do the moves faster.


I learnt how to do the plié and tendu but it was tricky to hold the positions.



I enjoyed watching Miss Eversfield and Mrs Inglis do the ballet dance because it was fun. I found the tendu move quite hard.


Zumba is a very energetic dance from South America that was invented in the 1990s. A group follows a Zumba teacher or leader, creating a great image of synchronised movements.

On Monday, 17th November 2014, Yr 6 was lucky enough to indulge in a fun, if a little exhausting, Zumba workshop. After a Zumba-themed assembly, Julia (a professional Zumba teacher) was glad to share some moves with us. We ‘travelled’ to Columbia and danced to a rhythm called tropi-pop.

I enjoyed every moment of the workshop and I might even take up Zumba outside of school!

Maggie, Year 6

I thought Zumba was very energetic and fun. We learnt a dance from Spain and we tried to be Matadors with our posture. It was quite difficult!


I enjoyed our Zumba workshop because we learnt a whole dance. I think I was quite good at it, but it was difficult to learn. This is definitely a dance that I would like to try again.


It was awesome because it had different moves and it was fun.


I enjoyed dancing the Charleston because we did a competition and we had partners.


I enjoyed dancing with my partner.


I enjoyed when we worked with a partner. I learned how to do different types of steps.

Terian-Wimbledon Class

I found the Charleston workshop fun because we did funny moves like the twist and turns.

Sammy-Wimbledon Class

We (Westminster class, yr 6) have had a sensational workshop with active Zumba instructor (Julia) she taught us many fantastic but tiring moves.

Zumba involves a lot of energy I actually thought this was a PT session. I learnt that Zumba originates from Columbia (South America).

I would take up this Latin dance outside of school. I think there should be much more brilliant opportunities like this so a child/teacher could take up something new and fun like this.

Samuel. A, Year 6

I really loved Zumba when were playing our pretend guitars - it took a lot of energy out of me! I learnt that Zumba is a mixture of dances from around the world and that lots of people do it. In assembly we were told that everyone can do Zumba, no matter what age.


I enjoyed the dance because I liked the movements. Also it was a little bit tricky and tough. I was very proud of myself because I won a gold medal.


I really enjoyed dancing the Charleston because the music was really catchy. There was a move that I really liked when we put our feet up to our hands. I loved dancing with my partner. I loved it.


It was very fun and exciting. I felt like a firework going to explode. I learnt that the Charleston was invented in the 1920's.

Irfan-Wimbledon Class