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On Tuesday we were lucky enough to work with Matt on developing our rugby skills. We quickly learnt that when playing rugby you are most successful when you call out to your team mates and direct them to where you are. I really enjoyed when we had to mirror our partners every moves, this was challenging but so much fun!


I really enjoyed our Rugby workshop with Matt on Tuesday. I liked when some of us were chosen to catch the rest of the class, who were trying to get to the other side. This was difficult because the people catching us were holding hands, so it was hard to get past them. You have to do lots of running in rugby!


We had a really fun rugby session with Matt on Tuesday, I wish it had been longer! We had to make sure that we listened to his instructions really carefully, just like real rugby players. We played a game where we had to copy our partner’s moves and then they had five seconds to try and take our band from us. Luckily I was very quick and could get away from my partner.


This half term our Spotlight on Sport is Rugby. On Tuesday we were lucky enough to work with Matt. He taught us some of the skills you need to have to be a rugby player. It was so much fun when some of us had to try and catch the rest of the class, stopping them from getting to the other side of the field. This meant we had to do lots of running, we had to be quick and make sure we knew who was getting close to us.


Piccadilly class were lucky enough to be chosen to develop their rugby skills with Matt. All of the children showed that they are quick on their feet and when they needed to move away from the opposing team, they could do this with ease. I was really impressed with how the children could work in pairs to ‘mirror’ each other’s moves, this became more challenging when they had to take it in turns to steal each other’s bands in just 5 seconds! We wish the session could have been longer!

Miss Silvester

I love sports, so I had a great time in the rugby workshop with Matt. I really liked when we had to copy our partner’s moves and then we had 5 seconds to try and steal their band. This was actually really difficult! I really would have like to have the opportunity to play an actual game of rugby.


During the assembly, we listened to a person who had played rugby. It was very interesting. Mr. Stone told us about the sport and we had a quiz which was fun. I found out that in Rugby there is a lot of people who get injured because it can be rough. But it was still fun. We played games. The first one was to try and catch the other person’s. We also had to catch people with good movement. Later, we practised our throwing and passing skills. I was exhausted and tired but it was a lot of fun.


I loved playing rugby. Dangermouse was brilliant because we had to run away from other children. We played a chain game that helped our movement. You begin with four people and we have to be holding on to at least another person and work together to catch children. That was a lot of fun.


On 12th October, we were involved in a game. I like to play the game. I know how to play the game because I played in the workshop and after school rugby club. We played a lot of fantastic games and I learnt how to pass the ball properly. I want to keep playing the game.


Rugby was great. In the assembly, we met this man called Matt and he taught us all the things we need in rugby. They were running, tackling and dodging. As well as that, in the assembly we told about William Webb Ellis and he invented rugby. Later on, we had a wonderful workshop with Matt to do with rugby skills. I was so excited! It was only half an hour so we had to fit everything in. We played many games and I wish we had time to play more. It was so much fun! I hope we can do this again!