50 Books to Read Before You Are 11 3/4

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body"

This year brings a review of how we teach the children to read and understand a variety of themes in texts that perhaps the children have never been exposed to. Our aim is to focus on a full text to ensure a deeper progression in terms of reading skills and language and to support better comprehension of texts by the children.

Each teacher in each year group has chosen six texts that they will share with the children across the year to supplement texts that are planned as part of our annual cycle for reading. All planned reading activities will support the following skills:

  • Vocabulary/language
  • Inference
  • Prediction
  • Explanation (of authorial intent or impact on reader)
  • Retrieval
  • Summarising and sequencing

All books selected by the staff have been complied into a 50 Books To Read Before You Are 11 3/4 list. This is now accessible on our website and photographs from all the planned events will feature here too.

Our learning environments will reflect the learning that has been enjoyed from the texts and we have planned some very special events to celebrate our love of reading.

Each fortnight during our 50 Books To Read Before You Are 11 3/4 focus, a different family member will be invited into school to read with their child’s class from 9.00 am - 10.30 am. Please make sure that you put the following dates in your and then on the day which has been allocated to you, come to the office for 9.00 am, knowing the class name of your child and enjoy some reading experiences in your child’s class. Governors will be allocated a class.

Date Readers
Friday 14th September Mums
Friday 28th September Dads
Friday 12th October Grandfathers
Friday 2nd November Grandmothers
Friday 16th November Uncles
Friday 30th November Aunts
Friday 14th December Governors

The children will also have weekly shared reading sessions with another child in another class. This partnered reading opportunity is sure to support the children’s enjoyment of reading and build their confidence as readers.

We have planned a book character ‘dress up’ scheduled for Thursday 18th October. Your child may come to school dressed up as any book character or just focus on the characters of the books read from the 50 Books To Read Before You Are 11 3/4 list. Prizes will be awarded to the most creative and unique outfits.

You will soon also receive some additional homework this half-term to support both the children’s reading and writing skills. Please do encourage your child to complete the homework and return by the suggested date.

This is just a start to the reading fun that has been planned. Please do continue to hear your child read regularly or indeed read to your child. The impact a confident reader has on their progress in all curriculum areas is quite remarkable. We will of course encourage all children to read even more too.