Year 4 - Persistent Piccadilly

Teacher: Miss Murczek
Teaching Assistant: Miss Eversfield, Mrs Merali and Miss Nieuwodt
Additional Staff: Miss Jackson

Teacher's Comments

Welcome to Piccadilly class, filled with kindness, dedication and enthusiasm! We are an eager and thoughtful class who live up to our name of Persistent Piccadilly. We bring our strengths and experiences together to create a collaborative classroom community where each and every one of us gets what they need to achieve their fullest potential.

We love to come to school because of all the new learning opportunities and can’t wait to tackle the amazing challenges that Year 4 will offer. We will begin the year by diving into ‘The Place Between’ from Leon and the Place Between as we begin on our journey reading 50 Books to Read Before 11 3/4. After that, we will continue reading other exciting books such as Varjak Paw and The Witches and exploring topics including Potions, Under the Sea and Vikings.

A very exciting part of this year will be our class trip to Sayers Croft, which many of us are really looking forward to! We anticipate getting to know each other even better and facing some new challenges outside the classroom.

Our class is filled with talented sports people, artists, writers, mathematicians, scientists, readers, public speakers, musicians and leaders. We understand the importance of a positive attitude when it comes to learning and we show this by making responsible choices, collaborating well together and learning from our mistakes. We feel it is very important to always work hard and try our best, which is why we are called ‘PERSISTENT PICCADILLY’.