Year 5 - Monet

Teacher: Miss Thomas
Teaching Assistant: Miss Hudson and Mrs Edwards

Teacher's Comments

We are the marvellous Monet class. We love to learn and motivate each other to always try our best. Our class author is C.S. Lewis and he wrote a selection of fantastic and inspiring books, including The Chronicles of Narnia.

Our class name is Claude Monet, he was a founder of French Impressionist painting, and he was inspirational at painting landscapes. One of his most famous paintings is called the Water Lillie where he demonstrated his ability to blend texture and colour.

We are a very creative class and we are looking forward to recreating our own versions of Monet’s artwork and learning about him as a painter.

We are looking forward to applying for our roles as Junior Travel Ambassadors, supporting our school’s vision of ‘safer travel’ and then later on in the year, working towards the Head Boy and Girl elections.

Feel free to pop in and have a look.