Food For Life at William Morris

Yummies Enterprise

Yummies is a child initiated project run by ‘The Voice’ team at William Morris Primary School. Children chose the name Yummies from a list of options provided and opted to include the tagline ‘See It, Buy It, Snack It’, which links in with our school motto of ‘See It, Believe It, Achieve It’.

  • To provide children with the opportunity to purchase a snack that can boost energy levels for learning
  • To provide Key Stage 2 children with a healthy snack at an affordable price
  • Money for snacks is to be handed in to an adult at the start of the day. A register will be kept with children’s names and the amount handed in
  • Children are allowed to buy only one item for themselves
  • Children cannot give money to other children
  • Litter must be put in the nearest bin. Food waste must be put in a compost caddy
  • Children will need to bring the correct amount of money to school with them in an envelope
  • Snacks cannot be brought in from home

The following items are available:

Product Price
Go Ahead Bars 25p each
Jelly 40p
Crackers and cheese 20p
Raisins 15p

Yummies is open for 10 minutes during break times on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Yummies is available for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.


Yummies is based under the gazebo in the Key Stage 2 playground.

Who is involved?

Children involved in running the snack shop are the head boy and girl and the deputy head boy and girl. They are supported by Mrs van Manen, Mrs Coles and Miss Baker.