Educating Evelina

William Morris Primary School is supporting the Evelina Children’s Hospital

Our Educating Evelina Day will encourage the William Morris community to celebrate the fun of fitness and physical activity while raising money for the Evelina children’s ward at Guys Hospital.

The children will also be achieving one of the Federated 50 Things To Do Before You Are 11 3/4 as they generously donate £1.00 in support of a charity that primarily funds support for children who are very sick and their families who need the support from professionals to care for their children. Each £1.00 that is donated could support a much needed education for those children unable to go to school and enjoy learning.

The 10th October will be totally devoted to our community’s well-being and of course raising all-essential funds. All you need to do is make sure you are wearing your PE kit and that you bring £1.00 to start the fundraising off. It’s PE kit all day for the children too.

Let the fun begin........

Please make sure that you plan for at least 4 movement sessions and a combination of drills, circuits and team games. As part of the celebration of well-being some classes will be timetabled to make alternative healthy option snacks to sell at the end of the day to families.

Throughout the whole day the children and staff will have to complete four physical/well-being activities to meet the Educating Evelina Challenge. Please do also plan for some learning about how to eat a healthy, balanced diet with a focus on reducing the amount of sugar that is consumed and do consider some learning about the children’s emotional well-being too. This learning could be included as one of the activities.

'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind'.

As each activity is completed each child will be expected to complete the small section identified on their National Fitness Pass which will then be hung/pegged across the classroom as a celebration of WELL-BEING.

Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Mrs Bull

Executive Headteacher