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Ballerinas have to wear a tutu.


I know that there are 5 ballet positions.


One of the skills in ballet is balancing.


Today was awesome! Westminster class were lucky enough to have a Charleston workshop with Julia. We learnt that the dance originated in Charleston, USA in the 1920s. It is danced to jazz music and it is a very lively, upbeat dance. In the workshop we learnt the simple Charleston moves which we used to make up a whole routine. We learnt lots of different steps to take back and practise at home. Thank you Julia!


I learnt that the Charleston dance isn't easy although it is a lot of fun. My favourite dance move was the one where you kick out then touch the floor with the alternate hand because I could do that one easily and it was awesome!


The Charleston is a really upbeat dance and you dance it to jazz music. The ladies who danced it in the 1920s was called Flapper Girls and they rebelled against old-fashioned ways.


I really enjoyed learning the dance; I liked how we were able to tell a story using our bodies. The workshop would have been even better if we had had the chance to learn 2 dances, with different themes.

Jamel. Piccadilly class

Today I learnt that Lyrical dance is a mix of Ballet and Jazz and through movement you tell a story. I enjoyed when we worked with our partner as we had to hold their hand and trust them to not let us fall1 The workshop would have been even better if it had been longer!

Shahryar, Piccadilly class

Learning all of the different moves was so fun. It was so funny trying to keep up with the lady and the music. It was a challenge because it was so quick. My favourite move was the monkey arm move because it was funny.


I enjoyed the workshop because I couldn't stop smiling. I have never done that type of dance before and it was so funny. I really liked the monkey arms because they were funny and we looked funny swinging around our arms. I wish we had more time to learn more moves.


I enjoyed the whole thing because of how fun, quick and funny it was. I found It a challenge when we kicked and had to touch the ground because I kept loosing my balance. I was really good at the toe tap and step, it was my favourite because I could do it quickly. I wish we could have taken the moves and made up our own Charleston routines in groups to show the rest of the class.


I liked the criss cross knees because it was funny and I really liked the music. It made me feel happy and it made me want to dance. I could not do the first bit with the tapping feet and I got my feet in a muddle. I learnt the monkey arms and the scissor legs. It was so fun!


Lyrical dance is a mix of Ballet and Jazz. We used our bodies to tell a story and show our emotions. The dance is extremely delicate and dramatic; Deborah (the dance teacher) described the movement as fluid. I really enjoyed working with my partner; I would have like to have completed the whole dance working with my partner.

Maria K, Piccadilly class

Today I enjoyed the partner work because we had to be able to support each other; I really had to trust Bianka! The Lyrical Dance routine we learnt was about saying goodbye to someone. The workshop would have been even better if we had had longer, we could have worked in groups to experiment and put together our own Lyrical dance routine.

Stella. Piccadilly class