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Oval class learnt the rules and played the game of Boccia, umpired by children from the sixth form of Cricket Green School.

My favourite bit was when we were throwing the balls at the jack because I thought my ball was going to hit the jack but it went somewhere completely different. It was really funny. I t was really hard aiming the ball.


The rules of boccia are hard because I thought it would go red ball blue ball red ball blue ball but it didn't. Whoever was closer to the jack stopped throwing and the other team had to try and beat them, it was confusing. Aiming the ball at the jack was tricky for me too.


I really liked throwing the ball at the jack and the balls were squishy. I hit the ball near the jack once and the other one didn't go near the jack. It was hard throwing the ball at the jack.


I really liked playing boccia because I have never tried it before. I liked throwing the ball to the jack and I got it really near to the jack but then someone knocked it out of the way and it ran away with itself. It was really tricky aiming it at the jack I thought I was close to it but I wasn't and the ball was rolling off somewhere else.