Year 5 - Brave Barbican

Teacher: Miss Briley
Teaching Assistant: Miss Ludlow
Additional Staff: Mrs Sullivan and Mr Ollie

Teacher's Comments

Bold, bright, benevolent, we are Barbican the Brave. A new risk in our learning? Fresh ideas are what we crave! Readers, writers, mathematicians, athletes, musicians, cooks and scientists too; Bringing all our strengths together to achieve is what we do.

If anyone has a problem, we will solve it: that’s our aim. Challenge is what we strive for so that knowledge we may gain.

Always ready to help each other, we are the Barbican Family. Never giving up, always working hard to be the best that we can be!

Welcome to Barbican Class. We are very much looking forward to the year ahead and to sharing our amazing achievements, work and learning experiences with you. A creative and keen class, we are delighted that in Year 5 we will have the opportunity to learn how to play the steel pans. We are also excited about participating in a ‘Young Leaders’ course, as well as having the opportunity to apply for a Junior Travel Ambassador role in our school. These experiences will certainly help us prepare for writing our ‘Head Girl’ and ‘Head Boy’ speeches at the end of the year.

Our class author this year is Philip Pullman, who has written a variety of interesting children’s books. In Barbican Class we are passionate about reading and can’t wait to dive into and be inspired by his writing! We will also be taking part in different sports activities – exercising our bodies as well as our minds – and learning the importance of having a healthy lifestyle to achieve our goals.

Barbican Class is full of dynamic and unique young people, with an energetic enthusiasm to develop new and existing skills, as they work towards achieving their targets. They know that it takes hard work, making good choices and a positive, persistent attitude to be the best.

We are always happy to share our learning, so please do visit us soon!