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Today I met a famous European sprinter. He was amazing! I learnt so many new exercises. I learnt donkey kicks, burpees, sprinting, squat jumps, sit ups and many more. I enjoyed everything especially the competition with my partner while exercising.


Today was fantastic! I saw some special people. Some were trainers and also a European champion. We did races and high jumping and running. We raced Danni and he was so fast.


It was great meeting Danny. I was so happy when I got his autograph.

Josie - aged 8

Tony was cool and we got to play stuck in the mud. We then had to run to the other side. I kept getting caught and had to do lots of star jumps.

Shanai - aged 8

We met Danny. He taught us how to run and also squat jumps. We took a brilliant picture with him. I want to learn how to jump as high as him.

Rugile - Mozart Class

We met Dannish and he is a runner. We also met Brian who is a golfer. My favourite part of the day was when we were running with him. I am now looking forward to Sports Day.

Niamh - Mozart Class

My class met Dannish and Brian who is a golfer. I liked the bit when we were sprinting. I want to learn how to sprint even faster

Ayush - Mozart Class

We were running around, if he said a number we needed to do something, we had to stand on one leg and sit down.


I liked running back to the fence.


On Monday in assembly we met a European champion. It felt fantastic! We did lots of squat jumps and it was amazing. Then after we did burpees and it felt really good. I wish we have more workshops, they are really good. This is the best day of my life. Danni also showed us his medals it’s amazing.


Wow! This week has been the best. We met two athletes you should have seen them they were incredible. Danni the famous runner trained us but first we did PT with Kacper and Lee. After PT we were aching so bad. We did donkey kicks, squat jumps and running. After Danni taught us, me Jimmy and the other boys raced Danni. After all that I was knackered. My favourite was the donkey kicks because it is like a hand stand.


I learned that I was a very fast runner and I tried to keep up with Danny.

Raymond - aged 8

I would like to learn how to jump as high as Danny. I enjoyed running with him. I am looking forward to the rest of the fitness stuff. Danny taught us how to be better runners.

Adeyanju - Mozart Class

My favourite part was racing with Danny. My second favourite part was relay racing. I am looking forward to getting faster at my own running

Kristiyan - Mozart Class

We were doing exercise.

Wadidi - Mozart Class

We had to run back to the wall and back to the fence.

Chase - Mozart Class